Common Cause New Mexico (CCNM), a nonpartisan organization promoting open, honest and accountable government, is recruiting and training volunteer poll watchers to assist voters in getting their votes counted this election year.

Poll watchers are an integral part of CCNM Election Protection project. CCNM  http://www.commoncause.org/states/new-mexico/recruits lawyers, students and ordinary citizens from across the state organizing them to take part in our democracy to make sure it works for everyone. No matter where you live we can use you.

On Tuesday, Nov 11, Poll Watchers will be deployed at polling places to assist voters in obtaining information about accessing the ballot box.  After reviewing an informational packet, Poll Watchers will have answers to voters’ frequently asked questions and have the websites and toll free numbers to direct voters for additional assistance.  Poll Watchers may also attend a webinar. Pre-registration is necessary to obtain needed information and to receive poll assignments.  Volunteers may work 2 to 5 hours on Election Day, their choice. Contact Diane Wood dianewood.ccnm@gmail.com to register and volunteer.


By state law, to be a poll watcher, you must:

  • Be registered to vote in the County
  • Not be a candidate, law officer, or close relative (spouse, parent, child, sibling, or in-law) of a candidate
  • Certified by the Secretary of State (Common Cause NM Election Protection program will notify the Secretary of State and send the certification letter to the poll watcher)

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