Donald Trump Should Not Be President

I have been appalled by the events of the last week and it has led me to the conclusion that Trump is utterly unfit to serve as President of the United States.  Donald Trump should be removed from office on moral grounds by all legal and peaceful means.  Trump is a morally repulsive figure and he fails to demonstrate even a modicum of respect for our country.  His comments are consistent with his dog whistle politics and only further divide our country.  The sad reality is good people do not join the KKK or fascist at rallies. I welcome the debate on which statutes should remain and which should remove, but traitors to the United States should not have memorials to their legacy, neither should those who fought to keep our black families enslaved.  I only believe in non-violent resistance and we will continue to resist and persist for a better country.  This is no longer a partisan issue but a moral issues.  We as US Citizens have a responsibility to take a stand on what kind of country we want.  I hope you will join me in the peaceful resistance against hate, bigotry and division.


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